#1934 / Taiwan’s Circuit Board Industry – Red or Black for 2019 ?

The circuit board industry in Taiwan released its shipping data for November. The revenue declined 5.61% compared with the previous month and declined 0.29% for the same month last year. Year to date revenue increased 0.29% comparing year over year.
Shipments for rigid circuit boards were relatively stable over the last four months. November shipments declined 2.72% compared with the previous month, and volume was flat from August through October.
Volume for flexible circuits took a nosedive during November. This segment grew between June and October, but declined by a whopping 11.21% during November.

In my opinion, the Taiwanese printed circuit industry can be the barometer for global consumer electronic markets. The relatively flat performance during 2019 does not provide a definitive direction for global markets in 2020.
Most of the products from Taiwanese flexible circuit manufacturers are earmarked for mobile equipment that includes smart phones, smart watches, tablet PC, laptops and notebooks. Global Smartphone demand was weak during 2019. We are optimistic that new products such as Apple’s iPod Air will fill the pipeline next year and flexible circuit manufacturers will remain profitable.
Shipments of raw materials (copper clad laminates) declined by double digits year over year, and manufacturing equipment investments declined. These variables are included in the equations for sales forecasting. Taiwanese printed circuit manufacturers work closely with EMS companies and end customers to provide accurate forecasts for their quarterly standing orders. These companies order raw materials and equipment based on their future manufacturing contracts. One can surmise that a reduction in the purchase of raw materials and equipment could be a signs of a slower quarter.
I remain optimistic that the Taiwanese companies will remain strong during 2020. They are very aggressive in finding alternatives when small downturns occur.
Dominique K. Numakura, dnumakura@dknresearch.com
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Headlines of the week
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  1. Fujitsu (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/2
    Has started the shipment of the super computer “FUGAKU”. It has a 100 times higher speed compared to the previous machine “KEI”.
  2. Toshiba (Major electric & electronics company in Japan) 12/6
    Has developed a new cancer diagnosis system. A drop of blood is enough to detect 13 kinds cancers with 99% accuracy analyzing micro RNAs in two hours.
  3. SMK (Major component supplier in Japan) 12/10
    Has commercialized a new BtB connector series “PB-F2” for floating circuit boards of automobile applications. Volume production will start in April 2010.
  4. Panasonic (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/10
    Has agreed with Nishikawa, bedding product supplier to start support service in March 2020 for comfortable sleeping.
  5. Asics (Major sports wear supplier in Japan) 12/11
    Has co-developed a low cost wearable motion capture suite with Tokyo University for analysis of various sports.
  6. MinebeaMitsumi (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 12/12
    Has co-developed a new stepping motor with a high precision with Renesas Electronics for robots, OA equipment, medical devices and more.
  7. TE Japan (Major connector manufacturer in Japan) 12/12
    Has commercialized a new high reliability connector series “SFP + Stack Type Dual Line Connectors” for high speed double side printed circuits.
  8. Toshiba Device & Storage (Semiconductor manufacturer in Japan) 12/12
    Has commercialized a new system power source IC “TB9045FNG” for automobile modules.
  9. TDK (Major Component supplier in Japan) 12/12
    Has commercialized a new noise suppression filter “MAF1608GAD-L Type” with a high efficiency for smart speakers or tablet PCs.
  10. Taiyo Yuden (Major Component supplier in Japan) 12/15
    Has developed the all solid state lithium secondly battery with SMT package utilizing multi-layer ceramic capacitor technologies. Size: 1005 ~ 4532
  11. Murata (Major Component supplier in Japan) 12/15
    Has developed the smallest chip capacitor. 0.25 x 0.125 x 0.125 mm for 0.1 micro Farads. Volume production will start in 2020.

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