#2026 / August PCB Shipments in Taiwan

The Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) released the PCB shipments report for the month of August. The Taiwanese PCB industry can be considered the barometer for global consumer electronics. Shipments during August declined, but let’s take a closer look at the data.
Usually during third quarter, on-hand inventory levels are increased to satisfy the demands during the Christmas season. However, August shipments did not follow this historical trend. The chart below details revenue and shipments for Taiwanese manufacturers:

The sharp drop in revenue during January is due to the Chinese New Year that was celebrated one month earlier this year. The COVID-19 pandemic also attributed to this drop. Shipments rebounded in February and March for both rigid and flex circuits, and revenue increased each month beginning in April. The rigid circuits segment showed increases during July and August, with revenue setting a record for August. The growth from flex circuit was relatively weak, and revenue during August was down double digits compared with the same month last year.
Work from home continues and demands for personal computers and related devices are strong. The rigid circuits segment is the benefactor of this and forecasts show a strong fourth quarter. The forecast for the flex circuits segment is unclear. Most of the demands for flexible circuits come from smart phones and mobile devices. The rollout of Apple’s newest iPhone is delayed, so it is too early to predict the activity from flex circuits’ manufacturers.
Total revenue from printed circuits in Taiwan came in at a minus 1.9% during August compared with the same month last year. The forecast for fourth quarter will be a little clearer once we view the September performance. Stay tuned!

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Headlines of the week
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  1. Panasonic (Major electronics company in Japan) 8/31
    Has rolled out new stand-alone type lithium ion battery with 3.5 kWh for home and office use. Retail price without installation: 1.26 million yens.
  2. TDK (Major device supplier in Japan) 9/14
    Has commercialized new series of film capacitors for three phase AC circuits. Rating: 250 ~1000V.
  3. Toshiba (Major electric & electronics company in Japan) 9/15
    Has commercialized a new series of photo relay devices with small size packages. Size:2.1 x 3.4 mm. It reduces mounting space 84%.
  4. Kia Motors (Major automobile supplier in Korea) 9/16
    Has released a new marketing strategy of EVs. The percentage of EV will be 25% by 2029 to establish the leading position in the global industry.
  5. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Technical college in Japan) 9/18
    Has developed a new halogen base blue luminous material eliminating toxic elements with high conversion yield (95%).
  6. Nagoya Univ. & Kanazawa IT (Japan) 9/23
    Have co-developed a wireless power supply system by microwave for long distance up to several kilometers.
  7. EU Patent Office 9/23
    The number of the patents about battery technologies filed during 2005 ~ 2018 has been growing by 14%/year. One third was filed by Japanese companies.
  8. Kia Motors (Major automobile supplier in Korea) 9/24
    Has released a new marketing strategy of EVs. The percentage of EV will be 25% by 2029 to establish the leading position in the global industry.
  9. SEIKO EPSON (Major electronics company in Japan) 9/24
    Has developed a new optical engine module “MV-40” for smart glass devices. The resolution is upgraded 50% higher.
  10. Yano Research Institute (Market research firm in Japan) 9/25
    Has forecasted 1.11 trillion yens (28 million units) for the laser lighting device market in 2027 from 0.55 trillion yens in 2020.
  11. NTT-AT (Subsidiary of NTT in Japan) 9/26
    Will commercialize n new transparent glass for photovoltaic cell. The glass does not absorb visible light but infrared light. It will be used for the windows of the smart building.

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