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My business contact list has more than 2500 names. Most of these contacts are affiliated with the printed circuit or electronic material industries. The DKN biweekly newsletter is distributed to every contact in my electronic address book. I do receive a few bounce back emails with the default message “address not found”. People do leave change jobs and leave their current company for greener pastures (hopefully). Some readers from the distribution list will email us their forwarding contact information. The number of these requests has significantly increased during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
One of my business associates from Japan requested I update his contact information without telling me the details for the changes. However, I figured it out when I read that his employer, Hitachi Chemical, a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko, changed their name to Showa Denko (they will now be part of this company). They are an electronic material supplier with a wide range of products, and a member of the Hitachi Group. Printed circuits and related materials are their specialty. They developed many circuit board technologies for both rigid and flex circuits. Hitachi Chemical supplies capable photoresist materials to generate ultra-fine lines for high density multi-layer boards. Hitachi Chemical is a legend in the printed circuit industry. The name is unforgettable to me.
Company officials released a statement commenting on the new name and adding that this collaboration will generate new business trends. I am a little skeptical, but remain optimistic. Showa Denko is a raw material supplier. The company developed several new functional materials over the last ten years, with some success. I hope the culture at Showa Denko remains one with a pioneering spirit in the printed circuit industry.

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Headlines of the week
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  1. Rohm (Major device manufacture in Japan) 9/29
    Has developed three tiny MOSFET series “REVC010UN”, “RV8L002SN” and “BSS84X” for automobile applications. SMT size: 1.0 x 1.0 mm.
  2. Fuji Keizai (Market research firm in Japan) 9/30
    Has released a new market research about global market of photovoltaic cells. Global market will be 4.458 trillion yens in 203o.
  3. Toyota Motors (Major automobile company in Japan) 10/5
    Will co-develop large trucks powered by fuel cell batteries for North American market with Hino Motors.
  4. TIT (Technical college in Japan) 10/12
    Has developed a new thin film manufacturing process for piezo material of niobium compounds under low temperature (240C).

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